Hi ! My Names Jacklyn Torres. But You Can call me Jackie for short.
I'm 18 y/o born May 19th, 1992. I'm living with my mom, Aurora, 38.
she's a single parent and never married again.
I have 2 siblings named, Lorenzo, 16, and Veronica, 13. My brother's a special kid.
He's not mute but he can't speak words clearly.
I'm still a student. I've graduated my high school in Manila High School.
I just cant continue my studies now because of financial problems. It's really expensive studying here you know. And its hard to find job too.

Anyway, I'm tall. 5'6" to be exact. Medium built and have long hair.
I like watching movies. Comedy, Romance and Action is my thing. I love reading also, I got lots of pocketbooks and novels here. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook and Dear John was my all time favorite on his creation.
There's also Music! I just don't know how to live w/o my iPod.
Internet! This really kills my time! There's, of course, Blogging, Tweeting, FB and lots of stuff.
It makes me connected to people far from me and keeps me updated :)

I also love Nail Art. Though I'm yet a beginner, I can say that I'm doing good!
I love it when people compliments my creation.

*sigh* I'm getting hungry here :)
My favorite foods are
  • Burgers
  • My Uncles Adobo
  • My Uncles Tajada
  • Pizzas
  • Breads
  • Chocolates
  • Ice cream
  • cotton Candy
  • Muffins
  • Doughnuts
  • Sinigang (yummy)
Yeah ! I had a sweet tooth there huh? hihihihi :)
My favorite cook was my uncle! He has magic hands that makes food appetizing!
My grandma thought hi how to cook. Unfortunately my mom only knows a little about cooking. But her Adobo was the best!

So, I think I've told enough eh?
you might know me for the next couple of months that I'll be blogging.
Bye Guys! Take Care!