Sunday, July 25, 2010

F*ck Scammers!!!

I've been receiving emails from various "Scammers" and they've been telling me that I've won money, etc. The most recent scam mail that I've receive states that I've won in Email Adresses Lottery powered by Shell Development Company of England. Infact they were really convincing! They had this very fluent and convincing words that will make you want to believe them.

Let me show you all their very good words.

Convincing Right? I tried to, you know try it, to know whats the next step they'll ask you to do after you fill up the form. And that's what I receive with another mail from "Nationwide Bank" to let me know that they're already processing my money "250,000 Great Britain Pounds" and will give it to me after I fill up an another form and now with a scanned copy of my proof of identity.

They really seem sounds serious huh?? Here's the other mail from the bank.

They also say here that once the transaction is final, the funds will be officially delivered to me as a consignment that will make it not to be checked by custom or security agencies for it will be covered by British Diplomatic Immunity. they even attached a picture that says it is the Chief Executive of Nationwide Bank.

*Sigh* Why do people use these kinds of Gimmicks just to fool others and get easy money? They're very cruel and rude! You can't won a lottery unless you by a lottery ticket.

So to my fellow Bloggers, and Readers, avoid this kind of mails. They were just bunch of crazy-as*holes who makes fun with those who'll believe it.

Remember, to End it is to Ignore it.

Have a blessed Monday everybody!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 piece Nfu.Oh generous giveaway!!!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

My 2 Nail Art Over The Weekend

Hello Ladies!
I got two new nails that I didn't shared with you guys.

On my "Yet, Small Collection" of nail polishes,
I've got some "Un-Used Polishes" that I just stocked since I bought it.
So to justify their useful, I decided to
do a nail design out of them.

I grab out 2 pastel colors,
Caress on "BABY BLUE" and La Belle on "BRiGHT PiNk"

after the base coat, I put several...
I mean million of coats of Caress on "BABY BLUE"
to attain my desire color. *sigh*
(that's why I keep it in stock)

after 3-5 minutes, using La Belle on ""BRiGHT PiNk"
and a liner brush, I draw on swirly design
and some random dots.

after it dries, I put a Top coat and I'm done!

Here's what it Looks:

I think it's okay.
I can't say that It's very good, and I can't say that I like it too.
Actually, I don't like it. My hands looked pale on it,
but I couldn't bear to remove it after my
struggling effort on putting millions of coating with that
stupid polish. So I let my nails wear it for a while!

After almost two days, (it didn't even last for two days)
It chipped off! It chipped off!
And GOD!! It really pisses me off!!
Out of my desperation,
I remove it! And decided to do another nail design.

so now, I'm using my favorite red
Caronia in "BRiCk RED"
(it's really sexy red)

I'm trying to "RE-DO" here a Tartofraise Creation
the Hibiscus Nail Design.

After the base coat, I put one coat of
Caronia in "BRiCk RED"
it's really thick color red so no need for 2 coats

after my base color has dries, using a white polish
and a stripping brush, I draw my fingers
five petals to the corner of my nails, I do it one nail at a time.

with a needle, I drag the design from middle
to top for more detailed design.

to the other side of the nails, I painted it
with glittered polish and then put a silver rhinestone
on the middle of the flowers

after the design has dries, I put on a topcoat and
I'm all done and contented !

Her's what I had:

I even made my toes matched my finger nails
Cute Eh??

and this, I may say "I SUPER DUPER L-O-V-E IT"
I'm wearing this for 3 days right now
and it's still not chipping off!

Hope ya'll Like it girls.
Have a blessed week!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Friday, July 16, 2010

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