Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keeping Me Sleep Late !!

Whoah !! I Woke Up Late Again !!
Maybe I should stop sleeping late and try to wake up early !!
Sleeping late's really giving 2 big black packs around my eyes, you know.
Its nasty putting large amnt of concealer just to hide it.
Pain in my as* :)

Anyway, just wanted to share whats to blame on my
everyday-wakin-up-late routine :D
Its a T.V series from Korea dubbed in our langguage.The title is "Queen Seon Deok"

(DVD cover)

Its really beautiful ! I suggest that you all should
watch it too. You'll cry every time the main
character cries.

Its just sad that it'll end sooner. :((
I wish I could just take back time from the day it begun.

BTW guys , It's snack time !!
On my table were a packed of Chips Delight (yummy!)
and a glass of cold chocolate drink !!
Me really had a swwet tooth!
Happy Wdnesday Guys !
Mua :*

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What A Day !

Very Tiring !
My mom and I just went home from shopping :)
I really love to shop .
I think its really a girl thing !

Anyway , I bought two (2) New Polishes
Its both from CARONIA
"Golden Sun" and "Black Velvet"
for my new ideas og nail art

Sorry guys , if I can't post pictures
for you all to see the colors.
See, my camera's still missing :(
and I can't even update some pics on my
YT and FB account.

I Promise !
As soon as I found it , I'll be posting
Many pictures.

Take Care Guys !

Monday, June 28, 2010

See Thru Me ! There's More To Me Than Meets The Eye !

Did You Know That PEARLS Are Caused
Or Made By Irritations ?

The More The Oyster Is Irritated ,
The More Perfect The Pearl Becomes .

Remember That When Things Get Rough,
Or It Seems That You Have Too Many Things To Do ,
When You Feel Like Giving Up ,
Because Everything Seems To GO Wrong,
Or When It Seems That The Odds Are All
Against You
and Things Get Too Hard To Bear ,
Then Look At The Jewel In The Little Shell
And Remember ...

Wisdom Is Trying To Make A
Out Of You .. :)

Cute Qoutation Right ?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Very First Blog ! Come and Know Me!

Hi ! My Name is Jacklyn Torres but you can call me to my other names :) Jackie, Ticky or Barbie .
My friends also calls me Bebang too .
I don't know why but, they refer me as Bebang (a character here in Philippines who looks very funny ) and they say that like BEBANG, I'm also a funny person .. though I don't look like her .

I'm 18 y/o . A very creative and artistic person . I Love Arts ! Actually I'm good at sketching and drawing ! :)

I'm Quite New to Blogging and I hope that everyone will be friendly ! Stay Tune for further posts ! Hope to post some of my craetions and tutorials . Enjoy Reading !

OOoooppss !! You'll get to know me if you're also a Nail Lover ! I definitely want my nails to get done ! Every week I change mt Mani ! Though I'm a beginner when it comes to Nail Art , I've been conscious about what my nails would look at early age !

I think I was only 12 y/o when I started polishing my nails . And my mom told me that I shouldn't put polishes on my nails for i was still you
ng , but I insist it .

Now recently, sta
rting the year 2010 I've been inlove with nail art ! It's very simple ! It's like just polishing nails with some random designs !

And It's really flattering to see that other people notices and compliments my creations ! Whew ! It's worth the effort !

HhhMMMMMMMMmmmm .. Things that kills my time when boredome strikes me were
  • Surfing the Net - It's really fun to get updated with your friends online ! Chatting with my girlfriends, downloading stuff and blogging !
  • Reading - I ohw so love Nicholas Sparks and his novels ! My favorite books that he'd written were The Notebook, Dear John , A Walk to Remember, The Last Song and many more !
  • Music - I'm so into music ! I even imagined myself as a singer when i was a kid .
  • Doing My Nails - nothing more to say ! LoL :)

Things that I can't live without ..
Hmmmmmmmmmm ...
Tough Thing huh ?
I think I'll just tell it . no explanation applied :)
* My Phone
* My Laptop
* Ipod
* Notebook & Pen
* Concealer & Lipstick
* Nail Care Kit
* Polishes
* My Nail BUFFER !!

-- Buffer !!
I just can't live without it ! I just love the way it gives my natural nail a Glossy Shine Effect which makes it looked polished ! Love It !

Well .. It's good to know me right ? :) Take Care Guys !