Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keeping Me Sleep Late !!

Whoah !! I Woke Up Late Again !!
Maybe I should stop sleeping late and try to wake up early !!
Sleeping late's really giving 2 big black packs around my eyes, you know.
Its nasty putting large amnt of concealer just to hide it.
Pain in my as* :)

Anyway, just wanted to share whats to blame on my
everyday-wakin-up-late routine :D
Its a T.V series from Korea dubbed in our langguage.The title is "Queen Seon Deok"

(DVD cover)

Its really beautiful ! I suggest that you all should
watch it too. You'll cry every time the main
character cries.

Its just sad that it'll end sooner. :((
I wish I could just take back time from the day it begun.

BTW guys , It's snack time !!
On my table were a packed of Chips Delight (yummy!)
and a glass of cold chocolate drink !!
Me really had a swwet tooth!
Happy Wdnesday Guys !
Mua :*

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