Monday, July 19, 2010

My 2 Nail Art Over The Weekend

Hello Ladies!
I got two new nails that I didn't shared with you guys.

On my "Yet, Small Collection" of nail polishes,
I've got some "Un-Used Polishes" that I just stocked since I bought it.
So to justify their useful, I decided to
do a nail design out of them.

I grab out 2 pastel colors,
Caress on "BABY BLUE" and La Belle on "BRiGHT PiNk"

after the base coat, I put several...
I mean million of coats of Caress on "BABY BLUE"
to attain my desire color. *sigh*
(that's why I keep it in stock)

after 3-5 minutes, using La Belle on ""BRiGHT PiNk"
and a liner brush, I draw on swirly design
and some random dots.

after it dries, I put a Top coat and I'm done!

Here's what it Looks:

I think it's okay.
I can't say that It's very good, and I can't say that I like it too.
Actually, I don't like it. My hands looked pale on it,
but I couldn't bear to remove it after my
struggling effort on putting millions of coating with that
stupid polish. So I let my nails wear it for a while!

After almost two days, (it didn't even last for two days)
It chipped off! It chipped off!
And GOD!! It really pisses me off!!
Out of my desperation,
I remove it! And decided to do another nail design.

so now, I'm using my favorite red
Caronia in "BRiCk RED"
(it's really sexy red)

I'm trying to "RE-DO" here a Tartofraise Creation
the Hibiscus Nail Design.

After the base coat, I put one coat of
Caronia in "BRiCk RED"
it's really thick color red so no need for 2 coats

after my base color has dries, using a white polish
and a stripping brush, I draw my fingers
five petals to the corner of my nails, I do it one nail at a time.

with a needle, I drag the design from middle
to top for more detailed design.

to the other side of the nails, I painted it
with glittered polish and then put a silver rhinestone
on the middle of the flowers

after the design has dries, I put on a topcoat and
I'm all done and contented !

Her's what I had:

I even made my toes matched my finger nails
Cute Eh??

and this, I may say "I SUPER DUPER L-O-V-E IT"
I'm wearing this for 3 days right now
and it's still not chipping off!

Hope ya'll Like it girls.
Have a blessed week!



  1. cute designs!!!

  2. Cute nail art on the first set, too bad it chipped. I hate when that happens!