Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 piece Nfu.Oh generous giveaway!!!

The Lacquerista is hosting a sponsored giveaway by Nfu.Oh that is offering a package of 7 wonderful Nfu.Oh products.

The winner will receive 7 corset shaped bottles:
Treatments: Cuticle Remover, Flower Oil (Lavender)
Lacquers: #48, #59, #60, #63 and #71


First of all, this give-away is sponsored by the dutch distributor. They can only operate in countries that don't have their own official distributor. Please read the following list of excluded countries to make sure you live in a country that doesn't yet have a distributor. So if your country is NOT in this list, you can enter!

You can NOT enter when you live in:
Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Estonia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Poland, Russia, United States, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and Ukraine

For more information on how to enter this giveaway,
visit The Lacquerista's Blog

Giveaway ends August 10


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